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Sailing is like flying on the water…. Amazing!!!

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Week 24 Johnd MKMMA

What a couple of weeks! I now think the old subby is trying to take the reins again and get me off the track of self-directed thinking. Precedent is like a tide always lurking to keep us from our true desires. Lately, I have been on the phone too much and looking for a pick-upContinue reading “Week 24 Johnd MKMMA”


About a week ago I began my SIT or silence retreat. The first day it was one of driving to the hotel, about 70 miles away. The second day was the true start although I decided not to talk after I started driving. What I realized was that silence can be really refreshing and timeContinue reading “WEEK 23 Johnd MKMMA”

Week 21 Johnd MKMMA

This week I definitely slacked off and the result was not too good. Today I noticed that I was letting the outside influence my mind. Now it’s time for me to get my DMP finished. I pretended that I didn’t or couldn’t write it, but now I see its totally imperative. The words self-directed lifeContinue reading “Week 21 Johnd MKMMA”

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