Week 18 Johnd MKMMA

This week I understood the meaning of Thessalonians 5:16–to Be thankful for everything, essentially. I have been very up and down in my life, mentally and emotionally and it has been no different in the Master Key study really. The SIT has helped me to keep a more even keel, but it is Thes 5:16 that is a turning point in my ability to not play the victim which means I reserve judgement toward others or refrain from defending myself. To be thankful also means not to be so hard on myself when I make a mistake and I can make some real doozies.

The other practice, What would the person I intend to become do next? I’m taking that more seriously and it is working as well. It’s like having a boss sitting next to me when I am at work, only the boss is my own mind. It is a great question for someone like me who has been self-employed for the last 17 years. The question keeps my mind on the next thing and preempts the excuses that keep me from doing what is necessary to achieve my DMP.

My guide was the person who helped me to understand what I was pretending not to know. She simply gave me a nudge to finish my fully written DMP which I have been putting off. I still am not sure about concluding my statement in less than 400 words, but I can see myself doing it–not alone but with guidance and support.

Generally, I have lived my life as if I were alone and concluded that alone could I solve all my problems. Nothing could be further from the truth.

All these practices have the effect of allowing my future self to be created on a daily basis and recognized in the future. Otherwise, my future self would be a stranger and even my present self would be someone I would not particularly like or feel comfortable with.

I would say that the Master Key training is giving me the ability to transform my life or, it is better to say, it is allowing me to understand my value and live a life of meaning. The extent to which I struggle is the extent to which the old blueprint is hanging on for dear life. The river of dreams is the version of life that looks good at first, but its hollow and is only a knock-off of the real thing which is nature’s greatest miracle. Mahalo.

4 thoughts on “Week 18 Johnd MKMMA

  1. Thanks for asking your question on the “coffee” today, John. You enabled us to hear some excellent insights and I’m grateful. I can also see why this blog was so impactful for you…thank you for YOUR insights! I appreciate Master Minding with you.


    1. Thank you Shirley. I loved the answer or solution that Mark gave me that I need to breathe and use the SIT to balance the law of relaxed thought and law of practice. Also I have the insight that being conscious of the law of growth is so important because in the process of practice the law of growth is working. Does a seed become a flower w/o first becoming a stem with leaves?


  2. John, good for you for taking seriously, “What would the person I intend to become do next”. From your blog rover friend John.


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